The powerful world where the angel and the sprite who protect you draw the power animal


Angel Art













The thing which floods love, is full of abundance and is beautiful, a fun thing and a wonderful thing.

The impressed source power spot painting by which all power gathers happily

















●火 チャレンジ精神とパワフルな行動力で現実を大きく変える力。


●風 情報に恵まれ知恵を使いこなす。移動の性質

●水 愛情に恵まれ肌や髪の毛がきれいに整います。


●地 豊壌・お金や食べ物がどんどん入ってきます。安定の性質。


The leading which is tied with a goddess in the earth connections and patron's all go around, and land

O, please, they're and a start after an adjustment cheerfully♪, your life creation, a soul?

The flesh and blood and the one from the residence inherited from your ancestors of course

A region and the various origins are through hormone secretion from super-consciousness.

Even if how much does☆ which becomes a recipe of a life dish have complete set of the wonderful material?

By the heat setting, suddenly, KOGE, and, if it looks like draft beer.

It's MOTTAINAI, isn't it? Power distribution of an element is seen, and, a life, good.

♪ by which I'll take a dish

Angel art Shinto shrine is eight directions from a breadwinner in a central point.

Energy of the fire, a place wind and water seems to spread equally.

♪ which does one built with the line of flow


● Fire Tsutomu who turns the actuality big by challenge spirit and a powerful energy.

The nature of the change

● It's blessed with a taste report and wisdom is managed. The nature of the movement

● Water Skin and hair are blessed with affection and complete beautifully.

Feeling becomes gentle and is blessed with an interpersonal relationship. The nature of the flow.

● chiyutakajou, money and food are coming in one after another. The nature of the stability.

サンプル★エンジェルアート 神殿オーダー




















Sample★ Angel Art Shinto shrine order

When being weak, the connection with the sky is to its spirit clearly through a pillar.

I enter the stage where the respect which is so is taken back. Trust to itself is taken back.

The value is being raised tightly. The connection with the earth.

When being weak, it's by power in the rich earth through the pillar which connects with a global one.

♪ into which health, money and material prosperity are shown


-The tuning with the minute form, tone by which everything of an aura sympathizes with a heart and color-

☆ A karma just looks and begins to melt, and light is radiated in the vicinity.

Special program☆ by which great you revive


Sample★ Angel art order

Your limousine taxi self guardian angel and power animal treasury.

It's drawn. Your blaze is brilliant and full of charm best.

♪ with a message of TAMA SHII, everyone takes out TOKIMEKI for you!

I'll open your holy power all the way generously!






























































































































●エンジェルアートオーダー (税込 額装と郵送代込)88,800縁




It's recommended to a birthday, a move, change of occupation and a new life stage♪.

♪ with a message of TAMA SHII that your blaze is brilliant and full of charm best

● 77,700 edges of Angel art order

(Including tax When you have a forehead wrap and are hoping for mailing, 88,800 edges)

※ The way it's expected to be whether this course is the way where you're around the aura in the future aura where, 1 person, 2 people or power, the animal and a treasure. Of it's drawn.

When hoping more than 2 people, it'll be addition 30,000 yen for 1 person.

You make an estimate, so please say your request any time.

● 170,000 edges of Angel art Shinto shrine order built with Shinto shrine power spot of light

(Including tax When you have a forehead wrap and are hoping for mailing, 180,000 edges)

※ Your power draws Ko who opens all the way in this course. All the restriction is freed generously.

It's recommended to the person who will play an active part in a jump socially♪.




※ The former required time is about approximately one month, but there is also a way where it takes time for change after healing.

After consulting with Mr. your limousine taxi, production will be advanced. It's a clearing at the same time while drawing many sketches.

I do, so cleaning in the room where I often drink water will show an easy clearing.






著作権はHAPPY FORTUNE 彗蓮に属しますが、






I arrange to like a business card and a postcard★.

A possible system is infinity!

A copyright belongs to HAPPY FORTUNE suihasu.

It'll be use assent contract, so please use it for basic freedom♪.

↓↓↓ The-! by which I'll be a power spot The person who has decided, here, CLICK♪

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